Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grilled Vegetable Medley

Great recipe to tackle on Sunday! Vegetables ready for the work week ahead. Healthy and simple, enjoy!


Cynthia S. said...

My favorite Italian cook!! I want her kitchen too! lol ;) Gorgeous! plus her food is amazingly yummy too! Thanks for sharing!

Joelle said...

I LOVE her!! and want that kitchen!! Im using these little "meal plans" but seems sooo much food to me :O
I know Breakfast is soo Important but Im not use to eating.
but i want KILLER ABS so I will do anything!!! : )

Thank Renee for sharing!!!
Joelle XO

Janet said...

I love grilled vegees! I need to do this more often! By the way Renee, I just found your blog via Cynthia's Cottage Design and I'm a fan already! Thanks for the great tips!