Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stadium Stairs

Are you looking to shake up your boring treadmill or cardio routine?  Sick and tired of training indoors with crowded & sweaty classes?  Looking to move your training to the sunny outdoors? Absorbing some Vitamin D while training now that spring is here?  If you enjoy a challenge and you are ready to build some serious lower body strength then this is the workout for you! 

Running Stairs has been used by athletes for decades and is guaranteed to build your cardiovascular threshold and build some serious lower body power and strength.  This workout is guaranteed to define your thighs and calves.

There are so many ways to use this workout.  You can start by jogging for 20 minutes to warm-up, and instead of walking down the stairs you can jog down (depending on your current fitness level).  You can also add hand weights or a weighted vest to increase your intensity.

If you are looking to build lower body strength while shaping and defining your lower body and abs, you will love this workout.  I use the Rye Stadium stairs and track for my Stadium Stairs workout.

Your Stadium Stairs Workout
 You can customize this workout for your fitness level.
First up, you’ll need to find a flight of approximately 30 stairs - perhaps there is a track with stadium seating nearby or even an apartment block or car park with a series of flights of stairs. Improvise and find something that you think could work.
1.) Once you have found your set of stairs or steps you need to begin your warm up. Walk up the stairs all the way to the top and back down again - continue this for 3-5 minutes or until you feel hot and are puffing slightly.
2.) As you finish your warm up return to the bottom of the stairs and then sprint up them with 100% effort.
3.) Once you reach the top, walk down to the bottom - this is the recovery phase.
4.) After reaching the bottom of the stairs, turn around and sprint up them again.
5.) Keep repeating this sequence. Depending on your fitness level you could complete anywhere between 3 and 15 sets - work until you feel like your have worked enough - your legs should feel rubbery and you should be breathing heavily.

*Results of Stair Climbing*
Easily Reduce Body Fat
Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Bodyweight
Eliminate or Reduce Joint Pain.
Build Legs that look Amazing
Build Buns of Steel
Build strong and sleek Abdominals
Build a strong and sleek Upper Body
Increase your Strength
Increase your Power
Improve your Flexibility
Improve your Balance & Coordination

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