Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K

Today was our annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K located at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.  In memory of my aunt who was the victim of Triple Negative Breast Cancer on July 29, 2007.  Below are a few photos from our day.

The weather was beautiful, sunny & crisp today.  A perfect fall day!
These are just a few of the photos I didn't get everyone in of course, but I arrived a bit late and some have already started.  

Nearly everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way, let's hope for a world with less breast cancer.  It's incredible to see so many people involved in this cause.  All this month even watching the NFL  games and to see so many teams supporting this cause is amazing.  

My daughter Brittany has just become a member of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha who is partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, NFL, SELF Magazine & Yoplait Yogurt to raise awareness through early detection.  It's great to see so many young women team together to raise money to eradicate this dreaded disease.

Trista and I, my partner in crime ; )  It was a great day for fitness and support for a great cause!

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A Vintage Girl said...

It is so loving of you and your family to represent your Aunt as you have. I know we all want to do our part to eradicate breast cancer and all other cancers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past February and I'm still undergoing treatment. I suppose I am fortunate in that I am estrogen receptor positive (er+) and will start Tamoxifen soon.

What I have come to learn about most of the large breast cancer charities, is that they are really just funneling the $ we raise for pharmaceutical research. Which no doubt we need medications but, the last thing these companies need is MORE $. Pharmaceutical companies are not hurting for $ in the least bit. I would LOVE to see a charity that focuses more on prevention through diet, exercise and nutrition. Some say they do but it's a minute portion of their giving. I have taken a more holistic approach to my treatment. Most people have not even heard of alternative and integrated treatments because their Dr.'s are uneducated to this. As someone who is facing the challenge, I don't want a pink ribbon pin, bracelet, mixer or Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets. I want to prevent anyone from going through this nightmare and that can only happen through prevention. I'm sure everyone would agree it's time for us to find the cause and not just the "cure". Then we would have achieved something truly special!

I'm a little passionate about the topic and I think it's important that we all know exactly where our $ goes when we give. It has been a serious eye opener for me.

I know all the GREAT work you do to help people get and stay healthy. I truly feel that is the key to the prevention of breast cancer. We need to focus more on health and prevention as a country.

And while I'm complaining, lol, I hate that the Susan G. Komen foundation hijacked my favorite color. Now I feel like a walking billboard when I want to wear it!

Thank you for all you do Renee! I truly believe your work is more about prevention than most cancer charities.!