Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rock Workout Playlist

It's a New Year, 1/1/11!  January is always a perfect opportunity to review and reflect on your business/personal goals in the gym or outside the gym.  This weekend is a great time to get prepared for 2011. You can start by planning your training, planning your meals, downloading a new playlist, packing your gym bag, organizing your workplace and/or office, etc.

For me,  Music is such an important tool for my training.  Music always keeps me motivated and looking forward to my morning training sessions.  I decided to share one of my recent favorite training playlists to get you motivated!

Whatever your sport or training consists of, I find a new playlist is always refreshing.  A new playlist always keeps me motivated and I like switching up my tunes often.  Keep in mind this is my taste in music and my favorite lifting tunes, I just thought I would share it with my readers.  If you like Rock Music, feel free to print it out.  Here's to your next PR!  Good luck in 2011!

"Breath"  Breaking Benjamin
"What Lies Beneath"  Breaking Benjamin
"Life Won't Wait"  Ozzy Osbourne
"Death of Me"  Red
"Diamond Eyes"  Shinedown
"Porn Star Dancing"  My Darkest Days
"Forever"  Red
"Save Me"  My Darkest Days
"Sound Off"  Trapt
"Come Undone"  My Darkest Days
"Turn So Cold"  Drowning Pool
"The Sound of Madness"  Shinedown
"I Will Not Bow"  Breaking Benjamin
"Crazy Love"  Hawk Nelson
"This is it"  Staind
"Let Me Hear Scream" Ozzy Osbourne
"New Divide"  Linkin Park
"Move Your Body"  My Darkest Days
"No Longer"  Decyfer Down End of Glory
"Give Me a Sign"  Breaking Benjamin
"Back Street Kids"  Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy
"Bad Company"  Five Finger Death Punch
"Stranger Than Fiction"  Five Finger Death Punch
"Innocence"  Halestorm
"Turn it On"  Default
"Follow The Sun Down"  Dark New Day
"Another Way to Die"  Disturbed

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