Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knock Out the Winter Workout Blues

Sculpts Muscles and Blasts Fat
Indoor winter workouts can get boring if you're like me and love to train outdoors.  Last thursday I went running with a friend/client at Tod's Point in Greenwich, CT for an hour and a half.  I was dressed in my Under Armour  cold gear, hat and wrap glasses.  I could swear half of my face was frozen and I still have muscular aches on one side of my face and right eye.  Never again, not until it warms up here, it is definitely much colder/windier by the water too.

Here is a nice indoor workout for you to enjoy with your trainer or with a friend, it really gets you pumped up.  Kickboxing targets your arms, shoulders, thighs and butt in one workout, it's also a great stress reliever.

10-Minute Fat-Burning Routine

Practice each combination in this 10-minute fat blaster slowly at first, then increase your speed as the routine becomes more familiar.  For more of a challenge, vary the height of your kicks and punches.  Do it twice and you'll burn about 170 calories.  The workout is broken down into minutes and combination moves, repeat as many times as you like.  (I left space so you can print it out)

0:00-2:00   Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut Lead with Left (30 seconds each)
2:00-4:00   Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut Lead with Right (30 seconds each)
4:00-5:00   Front Kick (30 seconds each, Left and Right)
5:00-6:00   Roundhouse Kick (30 seconds each, Left and Right)
6:00-7:00   Side Kick (30 Seconds each, Left and Right)
7:00-7:30   Combination (Left foot forward, Jab (L), Uppercut (R), Front Kick (L)
7:30-8:00   Combination (Right foot forward); Jab (R), Uppercut (L), Front Kick (R)
8:00-8:30   Combination (Left foot forward); Jab (L), Cross (R), Roundhouse (L)
8:30-9:00   Combination (Right foot forward); Jab (R), Cross (L), Roundhouse (R)

Friday, January 21, 2011

100 Calories or Less

I quit my Starbucks habit a long time ago!  I brew my coffee at home daily, but occasionally between clients or to meet a friend I will stop at Starbucks and the choices can be overwhelming.

This chart illustrates some nice low-cal choices when you want something other than Black Coffee and Tea from Starbucks.  I have also become a huge fan of Tazo Chai Tea also a nice switch from Black Coffee and Green Tea, you might want to try it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Case of Florida Sunshine

The Perfect Gift of Health

Today is the first snow storm of 2011 here in New York!  There is nothing like receiving a case of Health & Sunshine, what timing!  Honeybells from sunny Florida!  These Honeybells are so delicious and juicy. I'm going to eat a few before I go outside to shovel.  

The Health Benefits of Honeybells

Just one serving of the super juicy Honeybell has all the Vitamin C that the average person needs for the whole day.  Honeybell's have a limited growing season and are only available during the month of January each year, so if you want to get that extra boost of Vitamin C during the winter cold and flu season you have to order your honeybells early.  

In addition to providing Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Potassium, Honeybells when eaten regularly can reduce your risk and reduce the symptoms of several major illnesses like Asthma & Bronchitis.  Eating Honeybells can help lower your cholesterol and can reduce your risk of Heart Disease. 

 Eating Honeybells  also helpful for people who are trying to manage Diabetes.  Honeybells are a low Glycemic Index food, meaning that the natural sugar in Honeybells is easily broken down by the body and used for fuel instead of being stored in the body and converted into fat.  Honeybells also won't cause blood sugar levels to spike the way that processed sugar can.  

Citrus fruits have so many powerful Health benefits, what a perfect gift to send someone you love.  Here is the toll free number to order from Hale Groves 1-800-562-4502. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rock Workout Playlist

It's a New Year, 1/1/11!  January is always a perfect opportunity to review and reflect on your business/personal goals in the gym or outside the gym.  This weekend is a great time to get prepared for 2011. You can start by planning your training, planning your meals, downloading a new playlist, packing your gym bag, organizing your workplace and/or office, etc.

For me,  Music is such an important tool for my training.  Music always keeps me motivated and looking forward to my morning training sessions.  I decided to share one of my recent favorite training playlists to get you motivated!

Whatever your sport or training consists of, I find a new playlist is always refreshing.  A new playlist always keeps me motivated and I like switching up my tunes often.  Keep in mind this is my taste in music and my favorite lifting tunes, I just thought I would share it with my readers.  If you like Rock Music, feel free to print it out.  Here's to your next PR!  Good luck in 2011!

"Breath"  Breaking Benjamin
"What Lies Beneath"  Breaking Benjamin
"Life Won't Wait"  Ozzy Osbourne
"Death of Me"  Red
"Diamond Eyes"  Shinedown
"Porn Star Dancing"  My Darkest Days
"Forever"  Red
"Save Me"  My Darkest Days
"Sound Off"  Trapt
"Come Undone"  My Darkest Days
"Turn So Cold"  Drowning Pool
"The Sound of Madness"  Shinedown
"I Will Not Bow"  Breaking Benjamin
"Crazy Love"  Hawk Nelson
"This is it"  Staind
"Let Me Hear Scream" Ozzy Osbourne
"New Divide"  Linkin Park
"Move Your Body"  My Darkest Days
"No Longer"  Decyfer Down End of Glory
"Give Me a Sign"  Breaking Benjamin
"Back Street Kids"  Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy
"Bad Company"  Five Finger Death Punch
"Stranger Than Fiction"  Five Finger Death Punch
"Innocence"  Halestorm
"Turn it On"  Default
"Follow The Sun Down"  Dark New Day
"Another Way to Die"  Disturbed