Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whole Wheat Orzo with Chicken & Mushrooms

Try this Pasta: 100% Whole Wheat Orzo Pasta ~ a nice switch from Brown Rice {High Fiber & Protein} Tastes Great! Around $7.29 at your local supermarket and at Whole Foods. You can add it soups, stir frys, add grilled veges or even great plain.

This is a dish I make for breakfast, sometimes eggs & oatmeal or a protein shake just won't cut it. It is so easy and delicious, perfect for post workout, maybe on your squat day!
Boneless cubed chicken breast sauteed in a little olive oil, remove from pan and set aside when done. Add your sliced fresh Mushrooms and saute. Return your chicken to the pan add your cooked Orzo, season it with whatever you like {salt or low sodium Soy Sauce, black Pepper, Fresh Parsley}. Great for Lunch too! We love it!


Sunshine Mama said...

This looks interesting-minus the mushrooms. I'll have to check it out at the store.

Mrs.Ballou said...

This sounds great! I do believe I'll try it sometime. :) I make a similar recipe with organic whole wheat couscous.

Brittany said...

orzo with butter is better!