Saturday, May 17, 2008

Up Close with Katie Brown

Up Close with Katie:  Katie and I have been training for a few years.  Don't let her petite 5' frame fool you. She is definitely a little powerhouse!  Katie's training consists of power type exercises (Bench Press, Barbell Squats, Deadlifts) which she enjoys most.  We also incorporate other exercises like walking lunges, pull-ups, and dips etc.

Katie also incorporates yoga into her training regimen along with playing tennis, paddle and gardening in her English Gardens.  Katie has definitely added lean muscle to her frame with a    perfect balance of strength training and yoga.  She is 61 years old, beaming with tons of energy and has never been stronger!  She is totally an inspiration to others!

Katie is married and has three grown children.  Katie is an entrepreneur, landscape architect/designer, owner of Katie Brown Landscaping Design, Greenwich, CT.  Her home renovations and famous English Gardens have been featured in Renovation Style Magazine!  (I have had the pleasure of a personal tour of her breathtaking home and gardens)  Thanks for the gardening tips!  Stay jacked-up and strong!

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Joelle said...

She looks fantastic!
61??? Awesome!
what a wonderful tour you must have had. I wish I had time to play & get dirty in beautiful gardens! one day. : )
Joelle XO